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Monday, February 11, 2008

Scenes From My Day

Act 1:  Breakfast
I try hard not to be a short order cook.  In our house, if  you don't like what is being served, you can have a hard boiled egg, some cheese or peanut butter toast.  But it pains me to send them off to school without a good breakfast.  Breakfast is the one meal where no matter how hard I try, I end up making at least two if not three different things.  Today was one of those days.  I made Trader Joe's french toast for everyone and even sprinkled some powdered sugar on it.  When I presented it two out of three gave it the thumbs down.  To make a long story short, I wound up making eggs, wheat toast, sliced strawberries, a protein shake and some black tea as well.  The shake and tea were for me.

Act 2:  Out and about with Gloppy the Chocolate Monster
After I dropped the Princesses off at school, Gloppy and I went to run some errands.   Six months ago, Gloppy's vocabulary consisted of about 20 words or so.  Lately though, the boy does not stop talking.  He provides a running commentary to our day.   He also provides commentary to everyone we encounter.  Today he told the Starbucks Barista that we needed to pick up daddy's shirts, he told the dry cleaner that we were going to get some pizza.  At the pizza place, we ran into an acquaintance with her son.   Gloppy told her mommy ran on the treadmill this morning.  Why thanks Gloppy, it's always nice to have someone to do your bragging for you.  Seriously though, they kid does not stop talking ALL. DAY. LONG.

Act 3:  Helping with workshop in Princess Lolly's kindergarten class.
Sitting at a table with three of Lolly's classmates, one of the little girls invites me to her birthday party.  She gives me her address, tells me who is going to be there and what kind of cake they are going to have.  I ask here if Lolly can come too, and she replies, "no."

Act 4:  A quick trip to the grocery store with Frostine and Lolly
At the check-out stand both girls pick up a mini Farmer's Almanac and ask me "what book is this?"  They are both blocking my way to unload the groceries and there is a line forming behind me.  I quickly try to tell them that it really isn't a book for kids.  The checker then launches into a lengthy explanation of all the helpful information in a Farmer's Almanac and how she used it to plan her daughter's wedding.  Um thanks, but I really just want to pay for my groceries and get home.  Of course both girls were then convinced that we needed one so I had to bribe them with a cookie.

Act 5:  A first for Gloppy
Ever since he learned his colors, Gloppy has referred to the color pink as "bubblegum."   Today he suddenly switched to "pink" for pink.

Act 6:  Kid's playing together before dinner
Princess Lolly takes something that Gloppy was playing with and he asks for it back.  She ignores him and he starts to cry.  I ask her to give it back to him.  About four times.  I ask her if she is ignoring me.  She looks right at me and says "yes."

Act 7:  Dinner
We're having one of my kids favorite meals.  A roast chicken from the grocery store with BBQ sauce for dipping, mashed potatoes and sliced cucumbers.  My mom (Grandma Nutt) stopped by and was sitting with the kids while I chatted with my sister on the phone (about our mom of course).   When I got off the phone she told me Gloppy was asking for something that had to do with his BBQ sauce and she couldn't understand what he wanted.  Gloppy is not much for dipping any of his food, he prefers to eat his condiments straight.  After a little investigation I realized he wanted a spoon to eat his sauce.  He already had one, but Gloppy being Gloppy cannot use the same utensil for more than one food.  

Final Act:  Evening
The kids are in bed, the kitchen is clean and Mr. Mint and I on with couch each with our respective laptops.   He reads me an e-mail from a co-worker that says, "Give me a 2 second call when you have a sec."

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Jolly, the sister said...

That was freaking hilarious! I'm laughing out loud at my desk at work, and my co-workers probably think I'm crazy. I especially love the email - "give me a 2 second call when you have a sec". That is so "The Office".

It also reminds me of that military commercial, "we do more before 6am then most people do all day!"

Hey - what's your recipe for the protein shake?