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Friday, March 14, 2008

Family Bingo Night

Family Bingo Night sounded like a good idea when I bought the tickets a couple of weeks ago.   My first clue should have been when a more seasoned fourth grade mom told me to have a couple of cocktails before we head over.  

On the ride to school we talked the whole way about how Bingo is a game of luck and you may not win a prize.  Judging by how things go at home when we play games, I knew it would be ugly if one sister got Bingo and the other didn't.  

Never the less, we stood in line for the Mexican feast, crammed into our seats and got ready to play.  I soon began to understand that wise fourth grade mom's advice.  In case you haven't been fortunate enough to attend a Family Bingo Night, let me just that a small gymnasium full of elementary school kids playing Bingo involves a lot of screaming.  Add to that 5th graders calling out the numbers, four Bingo cards to keep an eye on, a squirmy five year old on my lap, and another five year old on the verge of tears she is so desperate to get Bingo and I was really wishing they were serving vodka tonics as well as juice boxes.  

In the end, Frostine came home with a jump rope and Lolly scored some bubbles and a race care sticker book for her brother.  I came home with a headache.  

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