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Monday, June 2, 2008

Just To Make You Jealous

Mr. Mint's cousin came over tonight to cook us dinner before he returns to London  tomorrow.  He made some of the most amazing chicken curry I have ever tasted.  Trust me, if you like Indian food, you are wishing you were here.

The women in Mr. Mint's family don't eat meat.  So if the men want a meat dish, they have to make it themselves.  Thus, the men in Mr. Mint's family are some seriously good cooks.  Mr. Mint, his father and his cousin spent about an hour in my kitchen cooking up this particular batch of curry.  Mr. Mint's cousin's curry is so legendary, that Mr. Mint took notes as they cooked.  It's like a science for them.   When we finally sat down to eat, they spent the whole meal talking about different chicken curry techniques, what they did right with this batch, what they would have done differently, dissecting the recipe and debating whose way is the best.   I just sat quietly trying to cool my mouth down between bites.  

I wish I could share a bite with you, but there weren't any leftovers.

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