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Monday, June 16, 2008

A State for Cats

On the way to ballet today Lolly coincidentally started asking me about our dog Kirby.   

Lolly:  "Where does he live now."

Mama Ginger Tree:  "He lives with a family in Montana."

Lolly:  "Why Montana?"

Mama Ginger Tree:  "It's a nice state for dogs, he has a lot of room to run around."

Lolly:  "Are there other dogs there?"

Mama Ginger Tree:  "Yes, there are lots of other dogs."

Lolly:  "Is there a special state for cats?"

And because every time I watch this it makes me laugh even harder... I thought I'd share this piece of levity with you that my sister shared with me the other day.  "Team Building Exercise '99" kills me every time.  Enjoy.

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