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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Girl Time

Something I've been working on is trying to spend one-on-one time with each of my kids.  Gloppy is not a problem.  Since Lolly and Frostine are in school all day, Gloppy and I get lots of time alone together.  So for him, I am doing more things that put the focus on him.  We play trains more often or go to his favorite park rather than watch The Backyardigans while I read blogs or tackle the trifecta of motherhood* together.

It's harder to carve out time for Lolly and Frostine.  Every once in a while, one of them will have a play date that the other wasn't invited to and I get a couple of hours with one or the other.  But it really isn't truly one-on-one time since we can't really shake Gloppy.   But on the rare occasion that I am alone with one of the girls, it is truly heavenly.  We have great conversations and I know they feel special and love having me all to themselves.  

I haven't quite figured out a solution to this problem yet.  We have a lot going on on weekends, soccer, swim lessons, b-day parties and some weddings coming up.   I also hate to cut into any time that the kids get to spend with Mr. Mint on the weekends, because he doesn't see much of them during the week.  I might try to make a "date" with each kid for a special breakfast or dinner out.  

Do any of you struggle with this?   Do you have something special that you do with each of your children?

Today while Gloppy was napping and Mr. Mint was glued to the sofa watching some sporting even or the other, I decided to take the girls with me to get pedicures.  The nail salon I like to frequent has a "princess pedicure."  They get to wear a crown, sip apple juice and soak their feet just like a real pedicure.  

Frostine sporting her complimentary princess crown

Lolly passes the time waiting for her nails to dry

It was like getting a pedicure with my best girlfriends.  We gave each other advice about which color to choose, we flipped through a magazine together (Highlights) and giggled about stinky boys.   Lolly and Frostine loved it and couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces the whole time we were at the salon.  So even though it wasn't alone time, it was girl time at it's best.

the finished product

When we came home we joined Gloppy and Mr. Mint on the slip 'n slide to round out what turned out to be a lovely family day.

You can read about the other grown-up things I've been sharing with my kids today on Silicon Valley Moms Blog.  Check it out.

*Trifecta of Motherhood = Starbucks, Trader Joe's and Target.  I could also add Safeway or Whole Foods, but then it would be a fourfecta, or a fivefecta and that just doesn't sound as good.


Andrea's Sweet Life said...

On my work days, I pick Alison up from school before I pick Blythe up from my mom's. So we do something - feed the ducks, go get an ice cream, go to the library, whatever, before we pick up her sister. She also gets to hang out with her dad and me after Blythe goes to bed. It's only an hour, but it's nice to get that time.

Blythe is like your Gloppy - she gets me to herself three days a week when her sister is at school and I'm not working. So, she's covered! We do all kids of crazy stuff.

Anonymous said...

I struggle with that, too, and the twins are still only 7 months. The Hubs has been working overtime a lot lately, so I'm not just maxed out, I'm totally stressed out. My poor kids.

The pedis look like so much fun. Can't wait to do that kind of thing with my niece!

heartatpreschool said...

I like the blue. I think it's perfect now. ;-)

PsychMamma said...

Mmmm....I LOVE a good pedicure. The crown idea is great. I can't wait until J's big enough to go with me for a girl's day out!

I can only imagine how difficult it must be to have special individual time with kiddos once you have more than one. I think this sounded like a perfect outing though. Absolutely the stuff memories are made of.


anymommy said...

What a fun outing. I definitely struggle with this. We haven't found a solution, but we do something I read in an article about a family with eight kids! On each kids' month birthday, it's their 'day.' They go out to breakfast w/either mom or dad and get to pick dinner, TV shows, whatever that day. It helps me to remember to do it because it's on the same day each month.

Susie said...

OMFG the motherhood trifecta.

Ah I wish I had a little girl to have pedicures with... this post made me ripe with jealousy.

I have actually been struggling more with what to do with my husband when we get an hour or two from the sitter to get out of the house. Not enough time for a movie and it's not exactly mealtime. Also the bastid hates coffee. *sigh*

Marinka said...

So funny about the trifecta of motherhood!

I do make dates with my kids and also on the weekends, my husband and I split them up sometimes and will do something for a few hours with each. Of course, you have three kids, so you may have to get an auxiliary husband to help even things out.

Melissa said...

It is hard to carve out that time for everyone, but I'm finding it easier as they get a little older. About the time they don't want to spend time with me anyway. Sigh...