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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Disclaimer:  This post is probably a complete yawn-fest.  If you are busy and don't have time to read, I won't be offended if you skip it.  It chronicles my ordinary, yet really pleasant day.  For some reason I felt the need to document it.  You've been warned.

All three kids slept until 7am this morning, which is unheard of around here.  I have mixed feelings about the upcoming daylight savings time switch.  These 7am mornings will turn into 6am (or earlier!) mornings.  I could use the extra time in the morning to get everyone ready, but I'll enjoy "sleeping in" for another few days.  

I managed to make myself some tea, get the kids fed and the girls dressed for school.  Gloppy and I dropped the girls off in the car line in our pajamas.  When we got back home I let Gloppy eat graham crackers in my bed and watch TV while I took a shower.  The sheets need to be changed anyway and he loved the break from the no food allowed upstairs rule.  I even brought him some Cheez-Its after I got out of the shower because he sounded so damn cute when he asked, "cow I have a dwiffent snack pease mama?"  

After I finished getting dressed we headed downtown to run some errands.  We made a quick stop into
 the bookstore.  David Sedaris for me, Jon Scieszka for him.  Then we walked down the block to the Apple store where I picked up some much needed screen cleaner, I Spy and Arthur software for the girls and a slick cover for my naked iPhone.  Then an Apple "genius" told me that the disk drive on my iBook G4 is not working because someone put a business card as far as it would possibly go into the thing.  Sometimes my kids try to stick paper in there and call it my "mailbox."  It will cost $280 to fix it, or I can go to Best Buy and spend $90 on some other fancy gadget and attach it to my computer.   *sigh*

Gloppy and I then decided to walk across the street and grab some lunch.  Pasta and lemonade for my little date and a delicious salad for me.  We found a table on the patio right next to the cozy fireplace.  The conversation was delightful.  We talked about our plans for Halloween and our favorite cookies.   On our way back to the car we stopped in a kid's clothing store to pick up some black tights for Lolly's costume.  I couldn't resist these pink boots for my girls and some adorable pink and brown sweaters.   I am trying to do my part to boost the economy so I got Gloppy some new underwear too.  Turns out Frostine hates the boots, so one pair will have to go back to the store.  Her loss.

We made it home just in time for a nap.  I snuck in a few z's myself before I snuck downstairs to spend some quality time with my computer.  When Gloppy woke up we went to pick up Lolly and Frostine at school and they proceeded to annoy me by refusing to get dressed for ballet.  After much negotiation and possibly a swear word from me, I sent them off to learn third position and Gloppy and I ran to four different stores looking for chocolate filled Oreos, pull apart licorice and red hots to make spiders for school.

As if that wasn't enough to pack into one day... when we got home we had a quick snack and got ready for Diwali.  Some friends invited us over to celebrate.  It was a lovely evening really.  The kids had a great time getting dressed up for the ceremony and eating some yummy Indian food.  I have much more to say on this subject.  But for today I'll just say it makes me so happy to see them embrace their Indian-ness.  

I'm so darn tired.  But it was a pleasant day.  Namaste and Happy Diwali.


Kate Coveny Hood said...

This sounds far preferable to my day yesterday. Sometimes I'd really like to quit my job... Maybe it's better that I don't have the option.

We have a TV/DVD/VCR in our "playroom" that isn't actually hooked up to cable. We only use it for kids' dvds and tapes (okay - and my netflix when I'm folding laundry in the evening). One of the reasons that we got it is because we do have some VHS tapes that the kids love. I think you know where I'm going with this... The VCR part is no longer functioning due to "mailbox-like" activity. George managed to get an entire dvd case wedged in there - and I only discovered it when I was trying to fit a tape into the slot and it wouldn't go in all the way. I had to pry off the door and use knifed to pry the case out. I shouldn't have bothered - it's dead.

I love the last picture - your children are beautiful.

PsychMamma said...

I love hearing about lovely days. :-) I think you were overdue for one too. I love the picture of Gloppy with the pasta. Glad he didn't deign the restaurant a camera-free zone. And the last pic is precious too. Thanks for sharing.

Maura said...

I have no idea what Diwali is, but I love the picture of the kids in their traditional attire. Namaste!

Sophie, Inzaburbs said...

Now that sounds like my kind of day!

(All the comment I can muster, I am off now to try and squeeze a supermarket run into the 30 minutes before preschool pickup. Sigh. Jealous).

Anu said...

Happy Diwali! I really enjoyed this post actually. Sounds like you had a really lovely day!

Devoted Mom to B said...

What a sweet day. I loved reading your post - I always do! And the kids at teh Diwali celebration...so cute. Namaste to all of you.
And thanks for sending some readers over to my blog. I didn't think that anyone was actually reading the thing.

anymommy said...

Sometimes, the little things and the details are the whole point. That's life. I love that last picture!