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Friday, June 27, 2008

Equal Value?

I looked at my calendar today and thought "holy crap!  June is almost over and I have not written a follow up to this post."  But then I read this post, which was inspired by this post, so you'll have to wait another day for the house post.   Did you follow that?  OK, moving on.

Meghan's and Jennifer's posts really struck a chord with me.   What is the value of a stay at home mom?  We've all heard the $200,ooo number for if you had to hire a nanny, maid, driver, laundress, grocery shopper, butt wiper, calendar organizer, gift buyer, vacation planner, dish washer, story reader, stroller pusher, cook, etc., etc., etc.  Not to mention the emotional and physical price a mom pays every day.   

The rest of this post can be found here.  Check it out...


Unknown said...

Hurray for you - sticking up for what you want to do!

A Mom Two Boys said...

Great post! Well said...nice job!

Anonymous said...

I often envy the fact that you stay home with you kids - I'd do it in a heartbeat if I could. I think you are great at it, and you are my role model!