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Saturday, July 12, 2008

100 Things

Here are 100 things you've been dying to know about me.  I love reading other people's 100 Things lists, so if you are so inclined leave me a link to your list in the comments.

1. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would be a tie between popcorn and chips & salsa.

2. My parents met in the air force.

3. My mom out-ranked my dad and was eight years older than him.

4. My very first concert was Air Supply.

5. I'm not proud of that.  Or the fact that I have actually attended a Motley Crue concert.

6. I have the same birthday as Oprah Winfrey, January 29th

7. My husband and I got married twice on the same day.  First in a hotel ballroom in the eyes of Ganesh and then in a Lutheran Church in the eyes of God about two hours later.

8.  I wore a sari for the first wedding and my mother's wedding dress for the second.

9. I've owned four cars over my lifetime, all of which have been Hondas.

10. I can type wicked fast.  

11. When I was a kid I always won the summer reading contests.  I read everything I could get my hands on.

12. I am 37 years old and I still get carded.  Seriously. 

13. Sometimes I wish I didn't look so young because I am always mistaken for my children's nanny, or I feel like people don't take me seriously.  

14.  Before I got married I always said I wanted a boy first followed by twin girls.   We had twin girls followed by a boy.

15.  I can't go to sleep without reading a couple of pages of something, even if it's People magazine.

16.  All through Junior High School I only got one B (in P.E.).  All my other grades were As.  And I played the flute in the band.

17.  I decided to go a different route in High School, my grades fell a little bit and I quit the band.   Although there will always be a little bit of the flute playing super geek in me.

18.  I went to a small private college in Southern California.  It was some of the best four years of my life.

19.  I have had plastic surgery.

20.  It wasn't a nose job or breast implants.

21.  I love to cook, but not as much as I love to read cook books and watch the Food Network.

22.  My sister is the best friend I've ever had.  We talk on the phone at least once a day, usually twice.

23.  My mom was a lamaze instructor for over 20 years.  All five of her grandchildren were born via c-section.

24.  My ideal vacation would be in the mountains, in a cabin with a fireplace and a huge deck.  There would be a lake nearby with fantastic water skiing.

25.  I was a Business Administration major in college.  I struggled through all my business classes.  My best grades were in English and History.  I never skipped an English class.

26.  One of my proudest moments was when my professor read my essay on Madame Bovary in front of the class in English 101 saying it was "good writing."

27.  One of my biggest regrets in life is that I didn't major in Literature or History.

28.  Breakfast is my least favorite meal.   I am never hungry until at least 10am.

29.  I start every day with a cup of Indian black tea with a splash of half and half.

30.  My favorite thing about my husband is his sense of humor.  My least favorite is his snoring.

31.  When I find a blog I really like, I go back in the archives and read their very first post.

32.  I have what some would consider an unhealthy obsession with stationery and fonts.   I pick out my kids birthday party invites months in advance.

33.  I love the Olympics.  I always wanted to be an Olympic swimmer but I could never swim in a straight line.

34.  My kids have gorgeous, naturally highlighted hair.

35.  I am a terrible driver.  My minivan has about 10 dents and scratches. 

36.  Iced tea and Diet Pepsi were put on this earth especially for me.

37.  I love photography and looking at other people's photos.   I really wish I had better photography skills.

38.  I do not like roller coasters or sail boats.  I get terrible motion sickness.

39.  My favorite books are The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, The History of Love by Nicole Krauss and The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen.  (I was the only one in my book club that liked The Corrections).

40.  I love a good crossword puzzle, but I usually cheat if I get stuck.

41.  I get along really well with my in-laws, but it took a very long time to get to where we are now.

42.  I like going to the dentist.  There's nothing like that fresh from the dentist feeling.

43.  There is no sound more annoying than a leaf blower.

44.  I tend to make well thought out plans with the best of intentions, but I suck at the follow through.

45.  My kids are very loud.

46.  My kids are always hungry.  They ask me for something to eat at least every two hours.

47.  Right now somewhere in my house is a pile of laundry that needs to be folded or put away.

48.  I love falling asleep to the sound of rain.

49.  I love waking up to the sound of rain.

50.  I think I might be the only woman on the planet who doesn't find Patrick Dempsey attractive.

51.   I do however, enjoy Grey's Anatomy.

52.  I've watched all 16 seasons of Survivor.  If I wasn't married to such a hot stud, I would probably be stalking Jeff Probst.

53.  Mascara is the one make up item I cannot live without. 

54.  I don't really like shopping for or wearing make up.  I don't like how lipstick feels on my lips.

55.  Handbags and jewelry are a totally different story.  It should be illegal for me to own as many bags as I do.

56.  My husband has the sexiest hands ever.  

57.  I love to drink wine, especially while cooking.

58.  The only thing my husband ever splurges on is wine.  He hasn't bought himself new underwear since 1995, but if he finds a bottle of wine he likes, he'll buy a couple of cases.

59.  Sometimes I look at my kids and I'm blown away by how gorgeous they are.   Then I wonder if I just think that because I'm their mom.

60.  My son cracks me up.  I find it hard to stay mad at him because he's always making me laugh.

61.  I have a serious sweet tooth, but I can't stand hot chocolate.

62.  My husband couldn't care less about dessert.

63.  My father died from cancer when I was eight years old.  He was 37 and a heavy smoker.

64.  I have never smoked a cigarette.  It would break my heart in a thousand pieces if any of my kids took up smoking.

65.  I've run two marathons.  One in Hawaii and one in Alaska.

66.  I am a very slow runner, but I enjoy it.

67.  I probably won't ever run another marathon, but I would like to train for a 1/2 marathon.

68.  Sometimes I miss being pregnant.

69.  I don't miss the first few weeks postpartum.

70.  The first few months after giving birth to my twins were some of the most difficult of my entire life.

71.  I have a complicated relationship with my mother.  I have been working on a post about it since I started this blog.  It's titled "Unresolved."

72.  I am always printing out articles online like "Tone Your Arms -- in 10 Minutes!"  I do them a couple of times, then start making up excuses... like Big Brother 5 is on TV!

73.  I have three really close friends from high school that I still see on a regular basis.  I love them dearly.

74.  I don't tell my friends often enough how much they mean to me.

75.  There is nothing I hate more than being sunburned. 

76.  Me + heatwaves = total misery.

77.  My perfumes of choice is Happy by Clinique for daytime or Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana for evening.

78.  I love almost every movie John Cusack has been in  (except Pushing Tin... wft was that?).

79.  I like to listen to podcasts of This American Life while I grocery shop or better yet, cruise through Target.

80.  At some point I'd like to spend a year living in Europe.

81.  Have I mentioned how much I love Diet Pepsi?  Sometimes I run out of milk before I run out of Diet Pepsi.  Sorry kids.

82.  Hairdressers tell me all the time that I have great hair.

83.  Whenever I leave the salon my hair looks amazing.  No matter how hard I try I cannot seem to recreate the look at home.   You'd think after 37 years of practice I'd be able to make my hair look decent.  Alas, no such luck.

84.  I can appreciate all types of music.

85.  I can enjoy a night at the symphony just as much as a Justin Timberlake concert or an eighties coverband playing at a dive bar.

86.  A tall glass of Diet Pepsi over ice with a slice of lemon makes me happy.

87.  My kids may eat more jelly beans than the average kid, but they will grow up with good manners.  No exceptions.  And I'm sorry, but they will never run around a park barefoot.

88.  I like to go into open houses in my neighborhood. 

89.  I think I might be the only person living in Northern California who doesn't like sushi.

90.  When my kids are older, I hope they look back and say they had a fun, carefree childhood.

91.   I also hope they learn the value of hard work and helping others.

92.  If there's one thing my mom taught me it's that all people matter and everyone has a story to tell.

93.  I have an iPhone.  It's the one gadget I can't live without.  I want to marry it.

94.  I don't believe in the death penalty, but if anyone every hurt one of my children I might change my mind.

95.  I'm not sure what freaks me out more, when my girls become teenagers or when my son becomes a teenager.

96.  I hate being late to appointments, losing thinks like my keys, or forgetting birthdays.

97.  Since I've had kids, I feel like I've been off my game.  I am late for appointments, I lose my keys and I forget birthdays.

98.  Chocolate and mint has got to be on of the best combinations of all time.

99.  I love shopping for kitchenware.  I am on a constant quest for the perfect salad bowl.

100.  I'm going to go pour myself a Diet Pepsi over ice.


anymommy said...

I enjoyed getting to know you. Now I wish we could chat about books over tea or pepsi (or wine, but I don't think you mentioned that).

PsychMamma said...

Just stopped over from All Mediocre and love your site. Adding you to my blogroll at


Thanks for making me smile!

Kirsten said...

Anymommy: I'd love to chat with you about books over pepsi (but I love wine too!) I'd love to hear more about Haiti.

Psychmamma: Thanks for coming by! It's nice to virtually meet you.

I can't find my blog said...

I came from AllMed too.

Love your list!

Anonymous said...

I love # 22! It's amazing how much we have in common! Nature or Nurture? :-)

EatPlayLove said...

I don't have the discipline to do one of these lists, but I sure do enjoy reading them. Wonderful job! You definitely earned that diet pepsi, maybe even just a full calorie pepsi!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed reading your list and I also go read someones first blog post...Your children are beautiful