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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hug a Veteran

In case you weren't aware... today is Veteran's Day.  Maybe you didn't have the day off.  Maybe you view Veteran's Day as just another day the mail isn't delivered or another annoying holiday when you have to find back up child care.  Maybe you simply see it as a great day for a parade.  

Whatever your feelings are about the current state of our military or the war our country is tangled in, take a moment to talk to your kids about what today means.  We should honor those that serve our country.  

That's my mom during Air Force Nurse training circa 1965.  This picture was taken shortly before she met a handsome Air Force private seven years her junior who she would marry and have two gorgeous daughters with.

Happy Veteran's Day mom and dad.  


Kate Coveny Hood said...

See - I was thinking that Veterans Day was the day that the trash wasn't picked up doubling our garbage bags in the back yard by the next pick up on Friday. AND it was the day that I had to work from home in the morning while my kids were home from daycare and I was the worst mom in the world and ignored them while I dealt with a crazy boss and last minute deadlines. That's an upcoming post though - so I won't leave it all here in your comments.

Of course what you wrote puts things into perspective and reminds me that I'm lucky to have such unimportant worries. Except for the part about ignoring my children. I'll be feeling of the guilt of that for a while...

I love the picture. And I LOVE the story about your parents. Your mom was so ahead of her time. All of these Hollywood older woman/younger man couples aren't all that cutting edge in comparison to 1960s Grandma Ginger Tree!

Madge said...

wonderful post. i did take this day completely for granted and only thought about it when i checked the mail. thanks for reminding us about the importance of this day.

anymommy said...

What a great picture. Your history is so interesting. It is an important day. So many people have served this country and respectful, loving remembrance is the least we can give them.

EatPlayLove said...

What a sweet photo! How special. My dad served in the Airforce. Great post, I think we all too often lose touch with where we came from, who we should be thanking for our wonderful country!