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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Birthday Greeting for a Friend

Today is my friend's birthday.  Let's call her MMM for reasons those that know her will understand.  I've known MMM since high school and she is now the mother of two adorable little children, a wife to a very nice man, and a therapist to some lucky clients.

So MMM, Happy Birthday to you.  I know you are now 37, but I will always remember you as the girl who was always grounded so we'd drive past your house and honk on our way to some high school party.  Were you grounded for our entire Junior year?  I'm amazed that you didn't completely go wild once we went away to college given how strict your upbringing was.  But we did have some fun during those years don't you think?  I'll always remember that trip to Laughlin in your red Honda.  We had nothing better to do that weekend, so off we went.  I can't remember how we paid for the hotel room or our food, but it's one of my favorite memories. 

You are always up for a new adventure.  If I didn't know you I wouldn't be able to say I've been white water rafting or ran a marathon.  Your fashion taste has always been fashion forward.  Please accept my apologies for making fun of  your mules all those years ago.  Little did I know I that someday my closet would contain 4 pairs of them.  I'll always think of you every time I hear a Prince song or buy a red sweater.

Above all, you are an exceptional friend.   I've always admired your ability to see the good in anyone, without judgement.   You handled two difficult pregnancies and births with grace and without losing your sense of humor.  Our friendship will always have ups and downs, but I know I can always count on you and I hope you know I think you are fabulous.  

My b-day present to you is to not post a picture of you in a certain cheerleading uniform.  Believe me, I was tempted.  So I am raising a virtual glass to you on your birthday!  I hope your day is full of laughter and your cute little baby sleeps through the night.  Cheers!

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