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Monday, February 4, 2008

Rub a Dub Dub, Three Kids in a Tub... NOT and Presidential Elections According to Princess Frostine

Ever since Gloppy the Chocolate Monster could sit up we have been bathing all three kids together each night.  I think tonight was the last time we will be able to get away with that.  Two five year olds and a two and half year old in the same tub makes for a lot of tears.   To make matters worse, it is really hard to put a kid on time-out while their in the bath tub.

On the way home from ballet class this afternoon I had this little exchange with Princess Frostine in the car:

Me: You guys don't have ballet next week because it's President's Day

Princess Frostine:  Oh yeah, it's the president's birthday!  Who is the president again?  No, no don't say it... it's George Washington.

Me: Well we will be celebrating  George Washington's birthday because he was America's first president, but George Bush is our president right now.

Princess Frostine:  Right, George Washington is dead because he got really old.  In a couple of weeks a new guy gets to be president you know.  

Me:  Well, that's right.  In a few months we'll have an election to chose a new president.  

(I'll spare you the rest of my feeble attempt to explain the election process, but this is what she came away with)

Princess Frostine:  So everyone picks who they like and that person wins the envelope because they were nice to everyone each day.  But all those other guys like George Washington and Martin Luther King Jr. already had their turn.  

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