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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday in the Candy Cane Forest

6:40am:  The kids wake up and make their way into our room.  An argument ensues about whose space is whose and who has the best access to mom.

7:00am:  After I get angry at Mr. Mint for snoring through the argument he gets up and takes the kids downstairs.  I drift back to sleep.

7:15am: I wake up and realize I am supposed to meet my friend K at the gym at 7:15am.  I call her and explain I just woke up, she says she'll be there for a while and to come on down.

7:20am:  I make my way downstairs.  I realize Mr. Mint has started breakfast for the kids and I am so grateful.  I look outside at the rain and feel the freezing kitchen floor on my feet and know I will flake on my friend K and the gym.

9:00am:  After playing with the kids for a while and putting away some laundry, I feel guilty enough and decide to go for a quick run around the neighborhood.

9:05am:  Right after I tie my running shoes, it starts to pour outside.  I wait it out and go for a run anyway.  It feels great.  A light rain starts just as I head up my driveway.

10:30am:  I take a hot shower, listen to the kids destroy the playroom and make a shopping list for the grocery store.

11:00am:  I convince Mr. Mint to take all three kids to the grocery store (on Super Bowl Sunday, right before lunch time! -- sucker!).    While they are gone I clean up the mess that three restless kids can make on a rainy Sunday morning.  After they come home with burritos for lunch, we play a little more.

1:30pm:  A miracle occurs.  All three kids take a nap!  Gloppy still naps, Princess Frostine will still nap on the weekends, and Princess Lolly hasn't really napped for quite a while.   I put Lolly in my room with some books and puzzles and low and behold she played for a while and fell asleep.  Mr. Mint took a nap on the couch and I read a book on my new Kindle for ALMOST TWO HOURS!   

3:00pm:  Football time.  We built a fire, put out some snacks and watched the game.  I have to admit none of us really cared that much about the outcome... I haven't actually watched a Superbowl game since the 49ers were in one.  Gloppy mostly played with his trains and the princesses played a game they called "puppy class" which consisted of them lining up their stuffed dogs in front of the fire and calling each other on their pretend cell phones to say it was time to come pick up their babies.  

6:00pm:  Mr. Mint made his famous burgers stuffed with sauteed mushrooms and we had some blue lake green beans on the side.   Some good friends came by that we haven't seen in ages and we all ate dinner in front of the TV which the kids thought was fabulous.  

8:00pm:  After a lot of silliness (from the kids and the adults) we sent the little people up to bed and the house is quiet again.

Not bad for a rainy Sunday in February.

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