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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Of Course

My iPod was charged, my running clothes were laid out right next to my bed, there was a bottle of water waiting on the treadmill.   Mr. Mint left for work around 5:30am per usual.  Around 5:40am I heard a door slam and little footsteps marching into my bedroom.   I look at the clock as Gloppy climbs into my bed and hear another set of footsteps joining the party.  It was Princess Frostine of course, because no one is going to get time alone cuddling with mom in bed if she can help it (especially her little brother!).  

Now my kids have always been early risers.  It is the price I pay for my early to bed philosophy.  But if they are awake before 6am, I try to get them to go back to sleep.  If there is just one of them in my bed this usually works, but add a sibling into the mix and I might as well forget it.  

I considered taking them downstairs with me and putting the TV on while I ran.  While my kids like TV, they are not the type to get totally sucked in.  If there is something more interesting going on they could care less about TV.   Since the treadmill has only been out for a few days, it is far too tempting to sit right next to me while I am running with a litany of questions.  "When is it our turn?"  "How much longer are you going to run?"  "What are we going to have for breakfast?"  How many more minutes are you going to run?"  "Mom, are you sweating?"  "How high do I have to count until you are done?"  You get the idea.

My point is, I was looking forward to just a nice run on my treadmill without all the other distractions.  So we all stayed in bed until Princess Lolly came in and we started the day.  Of course once I was up the day got away from me.  

So apparently there are still some excuses left. 

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