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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Toothpaste Cookies

It's no secret that I have a sweet tooth.  If I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed, the first thing I reach for is something sweet.   I even use "sweets" or "sugar" as terms of endearment for my girls.   My girls are just as happy with fruit for dessert as a they are with a bowl of ice cream.  But Gloppy is truly a candy loving kid.  This has been fueled by my in-laws and I must admit, by me as well.  That kid will do anything for a Skittle.  He usually gets stuck on one thing for a week or so, and right now he likes meringue cookies.   Today he and I were are the grocery store together and he spotted these little gems.

They are mint meringues with chocolate chips!!!  Try to contain your excitement.  Chocolate and mint has got to be the most amazing food combination ever.  But after I told Gloppy that of course we could take the green cookies home, I realized these were toothpaste cookies.  My mom used to make just such a cookie every Christmas when I was a kid.  My sister and I used to call them toothpaste cookies.  I remember my mom whipping them up in her mixer, adding the green food coloring and mint extract and stirring in the chips.   Adding to the mystique of the toothpaste cookie was the fact that you had to leave them in the oven overnight without opening it.  It was pure torture.   I thought for sure my mom invented these little drops of heaven, but I guess not.  Or maybe she sold the recipe to the Miss Meringue Cookie Company and she's saving the proceeds for my inheritance.   

So thank you Gloppy for taking me on a trip down cookie memory lane.   I'll leave you with a picture of Gloppy enjoying his first toothpaste cookie.  Hey sis, do you remember them with the same affection?

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Jolly said...

TOOTHPASTE COOKIES!!!!!! I love it!!! I have such fond memories of that minty, chocolaty goodness. They tasted kind of like toothpaste to us as kids. ;-) Now I'm craving them... thanks a lot - you are not helping my diet! Hmmm, can you tell that the sisters have the same weakness? Guess we inherited that from "Gramma Nutt", who truly IS a nut!