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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Our Day in Pictures

The past few days have made me so glad that we live where we do.  We live so close to Lolly and Frostine's school that is really is a crime not to walk.   With all the rain storms and cold, cold weather I've been a wimp and used my mini van way too often.   Scenes like this make me happy.

Gloppy stopped to see if he could "find any dolphins" on the way back home.

I went grocery shopping at Gloppy's favorite store.  They have little kid carts that he likes to push around the store.   He's getting better about not bumping into people.   Here he is eyeing the wine, he is his father's son afterall.

He must have snuck these into his cart when I wasn't looking.  I didn't discover them until we got home.  

Not something I would normally buy.   A good example of effective marketing by Kellogg's and product placement by the grocery store though.

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Jolly, the sister said...

So, how were the Yogos Bits???