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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break, Day One

My kids are on Spring Break right now.  Rather than sign them up for some kind of camp, I decided to create my own camp.  Each day I plan to take them on some kind of mini-adventure.  It's been a while since I have spent this much time with all three of them, especially since the girls have been in kindergarten.   By Friday I will probably be ready to pull my hair out, but hopefully we will have created some great memories.

Yesterday we drove out to the ocean (about a 20 minute drive for us), had lunch and played on the beach.   It turned out to be a great day.

Here we are having lunch.  Despite the bored expressions, lunch was pleasant.  Gloppy has been on a hunger strike lately, only eating anything that is coated in sugar.  He actually was the last one to finish his food and ate some of his sister's lunch too.  I was so happy to finally see him put down some real food.

After lunch we hit the beach. 

It was a warm day, but the wind made it pretty chilly, especially if you got wet.  After a while, the girls took off their sweats and ran around in their swim suits.  They made a castle, collected shells, made friends with another little boy and splashed around in the water.  When they finally sat down to eat a snack, they were freezing and ready to go home.  We left right after I took this picture.

On the way home we stopped to watch some surfers for a short time from our nice warm car.  Day One was a success.  Stay tuned to learn what else we have planned at Mama Ginger Tree's adventure camp.

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