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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dear Gloppy

You are one month away from turning three.   It seems as though you are trying to cram the terrible twos into the last month you have left.  You've always been a pretty easy going kid, but today you were anything but "easy."  

It started when you refused to get dressed until I bribed you with a Skittle.  Then you cried all the way to school saying you didn't want to go.  When we got there you sat right down with the trucks and said, "bye mom."  I came to pick you up and you insisted on opening the school's gate yourself.  Forget childproof, that gate is adult proof.  You dissolved in tears when you weren't able to do it.  I carried you kicking and screaming to the car where you became even more upset when I didn't have a snack for you.  

As soon as we got home you wanted to walk to Frostine and Lolly's school to pick them up.  You didn't understand that they still had a few hours left and it wasn't time yet.  At lunchtime I put the pasta into the water and you again dissolved in tears because you wanted put it in yourself and repeated, "I don't like you Mommy," several times because I wouldn't take it out.   Nap time was not much better.   You cried all the way up the stairs and refused to stay in your bed.  I didn't have any fight left in me, so I let you come downstairs and we played trains when all I wanted to do was sit and read my magazine for a few minutes.

You wouldn't leave my side while I was trying to cook dinner and kept asking me for snacks.  No carrots or crackers for you though.  Only a fruit roll or Pirate's Booty would satisfy you.  When your dad came home I was so ready for him to take over for a while, but you weren't having it.  "Mommy, mommy, mommy, I want mommy" was your greeting for daddy.  While you were in the bath tub I kept thinking how did I ever do this when your sisters where your age and there were two toddlers having tantrums all day and a newborn baby to take care of.

You were in your pj's, teeth brushed and I took you into your bedroom at 6:45pm.   We sat in the big, blue chair and I read your favorite book.  You whispered the words as I read them.  I had been so anxious for you to go to bed, but suddenly I just wanted to sit and hold you.  You snuggled with your blankie and fell asleep within seconds of putting the book down.  I could feel you head growing heavier on my chest with each breath.  All of my frustration melted away.  I put you in your bed, placed all your stuffed animals just where you like them and kissed you good night.   

You tested my patience all. day. long.  Yet I know that I will look back on this day and remember not the tears, but the way your hair smelled when you fell asleep in my arms and how much I'm going to miss sitting in that big, blue chair with you when you're too big to curl up in my lap.


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Jolly, the sister said...

That's beautiful.