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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Bad Norwegian

Mr. Mint says I am a poor excuse for a Norwegian.  I don't eat seafood and I don't know how to ski.  But all Norwegians self-destruct if the temperature creeps above 75 degrees.   On that one I am a true, full-on Norwegian.   I do not like the heat.  I melt like a toddler who skips their nap and stays up way past their bedtime.   

WTF???  As if I was not cranky enough all day in this 90+ degree weather, it's almost 90 frickin' degrees and 8 frickin' o'clock at night.  Again I say WTF??  It really is a good thing I do not live in the desert because I would be one bitchy lady.  Oh how I long for my house in San Francisco with the view of the fog rolling over Twin Peaks.    I'm off to get a popsicle and some ice water.

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