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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dear Gloppy,

Today you are three years old.  Three.  I can't quite get my head around it.  Saying "my 3 year old little boy" just sounds wrong.  How can it have gone by so fast?  You have brought so much joy to this family in your three short years.

When I was pregnant with you we thought for sure you were a girl.  We already had two girls, so of course we would have another.  I had the pink flowery crib bedding all picked out and visions of my three daughters.   When you came into the world and your dad announced "it's a boy" I was shocked.  We felt like we won the lottery.  I was in love from the moment I saw your little face.  Your sisters were even more enamored than your dad and I.   They couldn't stop kissing you and tickling you.  We were over the moon.

As crazy as it sounds, I used to look forward to getting up with you in the middle of the night.  It was the only time I could sit and hold you without your sisters in the way.  You were a cuddly, happy baby.  Anytime people asked me how you were doing, I felt like a school girl gushing about her first boyfriend.    I savored every minute of your babyhood.  I knew it would be the last time I held a three month old, a six month old or celebrated one of my children's first birthdays.

You happily accompanied your sisters and I to gymnastics and ballet and the park.   You'd sit happily in the sand with your shovel while your sisters whirled around and I chatted with other moms.  Everyone who meets you falls in love.  Even at one year old, your charm was infectious. 

You could sing the UCLA fight song and say "woof" long before you could say mama.  

Once you did start talking, there's been no stopping you.   You keep a running commentary of our day.   You can easily keep up with your sister's non-stop chatter.   When all the stars are aligned, watching the three of you together and all the games you come up with is pure joy for me.   

Even when you are driving me bananas with your need for a different spoon for each food on your plate, your refusal to eat anything green or lately your absolute insistence on doing everything MYSELF, you can always make me laugh.  Being your mom brings so much sunshine to my life.  Happy Birthday my little boy.   I love you.

Your mommy

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