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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lost Tooth

Princess Frostine lost her first tooth the day before my sister-in-law's big fat Indian wedding.  The dentist told us it would be a few more weeks before it fell out.  But it just fell right into her orange juice that morning.  The excitement of the first missing tooth in the Candy Cane Forest got a little lost in the whirlwind that was the wedding.  No worries though.  The Tooth Fairy came to the San Jose Fairmont and Frostine was handsomely rewarded for her nice healthy tooth.   

I put the tooth somewhere where I would remember, and could move it somewhere safe when we got home.  Do you think I can remember where that is?  Of course not.   I've long since unpacked and looked through my cosmetic bag.  So there is a little tooth floating around somewhere between the hotel and my house. 

What kind of mom looses their kid's first lost tooth?  I felt a little attached to that tiny tooth.  After all it's the tooth that kept us both up all night when it first appeared in her mouth, the tooth I brushed for her every night until she could do it herself, the tooth that caused four distinct bite marks on her sister's arm in the professional photos I had taken of them at 18 months old.  So when she lost another one, I was glad we were at home where I could put it somewhere for safe keeping.   

It's all got me thinking though.  What do you do with your kid's baby teeth?  Do you save them all in a jar?  Donate them to science for teeth research?  Make a necklace out of them?   I can't bring myself to just throw it away.  But it would be a little strange if my mom suddenly handed me a jar of teeth saying, "I was just cleaning out my closet and thought you might want these teeth."  

What do other moms do??  Please share.


Bobbi's Book Nook said...

Nice blog - I love the title! I learned about you from the ladies at AllMediocre.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I kept all my kids' teeth for a long time. Then my son FOUND THEM! Tooth Fairy Myth = debunked.
I threw them all away after that, but now the youngest is about to start losing teeth. I haven't yet decided what I'll do with hers.

Mama Ginger Tree said...

Bobbi - thanks for stopping by and for the kid words. Come by again soon. The door is always open.

Dysfunctional - That is what I'm afraid of, that they'll find them. Such a dilemma.

Anonymous said...

Somehow, I wouldn't be surprised if your mom did hand you a jar of teeth !

sophsmum said...

Chuck 'em! That is evidence and that web of lies is often more than I can keep track of...