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Monday, June 23, 2008

A Toilet is Not a Toy

Have you ever seen that commercial where a dad is strapping his daughter in her car seat and she's telling him a story. The girl does not stop talking even when he shuts the door to get in the front seat. Nor does she stop talking the whole way home. Yeah, that's my Lolly.

Most of time I enjoy her constant chatter. I learn a lot about what goes on in her head. And sometimes I'm annoyed by the barrage of questions. She's never satisfied by my answers and always comes up with a follow up question. I hope her natural curiosity will serve her well in life.

Tonight while she was in the bath tub she was telling me that Gloppy tried to flush a huge wad of toilet paper earlier in the day. She rambled on about how she tried to tell him to use less toilet paper and on and on. She ended by saying that she thinks he might be confused about what by the word toilet. She thinks we need to explain to him that it's not a TOYlet. Her dad would be so proud.

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