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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kicking Sibling Rivalry's Ass

Yesterday my kids were utterly charming.  They shared their things with each other, made up silly games and Gloppy kept saying "we're friends, right guys?"  We went to Jamba Juice to get smoothies after camp and ran into some nice firemen who game each of them a plastic fire helmet.  All three of them said thank you and Lolly even said "thank you for keeping us safe!" with no prompting from me.  

I was starting to think that The Summer Of Kicking Sibling Rivalry's Ass might just be a success after all.   You know where this is going right?  It started this morning when all three of them came to jump in bed with me at 5:50am.  I had one twin on each side of me and Gloppy on my chest.  Lolly started some serious whining because my head was turned toward Frostine.  When I turned it the other way Frostine said I always pay attention to Lolly and I don't love her.   Ugh.  This continued through breakfast.  

I am hoping they turn back into lovely, supportive sisters at camp today.

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