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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dear New Mom I Saw as Starbucks

I realize you are new to this whole mom thing, but that really isn't an excuse for what you were doing.   There was no need for you to change your baby's diaper on the table, where people eat food!   There was a perfectly clean bathroom about 10 feet from the TABLE you were using to change your baby's diaper on.  I've been in that bathroom.  I've even used CHANGING TABLE inside that bathroom.   I noticed you at least used a changing pad, but that did not stop you from putting the soiled diaper directly onto the table.  You didn't notice the appalled stares from everyone in Starbucks because you were too busy cooing to your adorable baby.  She was cute, I will give you that, but I came in for an ice tea and vanilla milk for my kids, not a peep show of her private parts.

You seem like a nice mom who is very attentive to your baby, but please, please do me a favor and change your baby's diaper at home or in a bathroom.  

Mama Ginger Tree


Inzaburbs said...

OK. I am a fairly go with the flow kind if person, but on the table? In an eating establishment??

Eeewwww. But then - sleep deprivation makes us all do wierd things. Maybe she didn't totally realize what she was doing?

Jolly, the sister said...

Oh, you have got to be kidding me. Really? Yuck. That's got to be against some kind of public health policy or something.

EatPlayLove said...

Eeew... I think you just upped my public place germ neurosis, ten fold.

anymommy said...

Laughing. And grossed out. I do have a little sympathy for her. I've changed my baby on a lot of floors. But, then again, I have the excuse of two toddlers to monitor (and I choose the floor!) New mommy blinders.