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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dear Hasbro:

I would like to discuss your Littlest pain in the @ss Petshop line of toys.  I have thus far tried to avoid these little animals in our house, but alas your marketing efforts have paid off.  My kids are currently obsessed with collecting and caring for their little pain in the @ss pets.  

I am just wondering who decided that this was cute?

Most of the time I can't even tell what kind of animal they are supposed to be.  Is that a dog?  A mouse?  A chipmunk?   Did some toy genius at Hasbro say, "I know, let's make tiny animals with little tiny bodies and HUGE bobbling heads with freakishly large eyes."  And then everyone around the conference table said, "that's brilliant!"

But maybe I'm not being fair.  I mean who am I to judge what makes a cute toy.  Obviously my kids are not bothered by the too large heads and creepy bugged out eyes.  

I do however take issue with the accouterments that come with these little pain in the @ss pets.  Your packaging states that they are recommended for children ages 4 and up.  I beg to differ.   I have never met a four year old that can keep track of something like this:

That is the teeny, tiny hairbrush that came with one of their dogs, or cats, or mice.  As you can see, it fits inside my wedding ring.  What 4 year old can keep track of something so small?  My almost six year olds sure can't.  Can you please explain to me why each little pain in the @ass pet comes with just such an accessory?  

I'll continue to buy your little freaky pets because I am sucker for my kids and they are fairly reasonably priced.  So can you do me a favor and do away with the tiny hairbrushes, food dishes, etc.   Thanks a million.

Mama Ginger Tree

Take head Polly Pockets... you're next.


EatPlayLove said...

LOL, I haven't gotten sucked into those yet. I might make up a story about them, containing toxic paint or something.

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

Should I be ashamed that we have almost all of the ones you've got in the photo line-up there? They are out of control!

But you're right, they ARE reasonably priced. We just keep a little baggie of all the tiny accessories, 'cause little sister isn't allowed near those!

heartatpreschool said...

Let me guess? They are constantly asking YOU where the tiny brush is for their little animals, right?

Anonymous said...

I love how they always ahve those things at the check out endcap at Target. Along with the Hot Wheels which are the bain of my feet's existance.

Maura said...

Oh wow. Really lucky that I don't have to deal with that particular pain in the @ss. It does make you ask "What were they thinking?" I've read Dooce's complaints about the Polly Pocket shoes, etc., so know you're not alone.

Anonymous said...

We have all the ones in the picture PLUS MOre. And LPS VIP on the compuer, and coloring books, and magnet crafts, and OMG! It goes on forever. But I agree 4 is too young, even for my ever organized daughter. She was over 5 before she REALLY got into the LPS. ANd yes, they are cheap!
Claire in TX

Mama Ginger Tree said...

I'm glad to know my kids aren't the only ones who have a passion for Littlest Petshop "animals." If only they didn't get so upset when the accessories got lost. Sigh.