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Friday, September 26, 2008

BFL: New Strategy


Surprise, surprise... I did not win last week's BFL.  I didn't even really come close.  AmyInOhio barely squeaked out a win (can you say "rigged").  Since Mr. Mint is currently traveling and can't help me make some better choices this week, I've opted for a different strategy.  

I'm going to ask my kids.  Since Gloppy is taking a nap, Lolly and Frostine will make my picks this week.  Watch out BFL'ers, don't they look fierce?

I can smell your fear.  So here are Lolly and Frostine's picks for the week (in bold).  Be sure to check out the competition over at Insta-Mom's place.

Atlanta @ Carolina
Cleveland @ Cincinnati
Houston @ Jacksonville
Denver @ Kansas City
San Francisco @ New Orleans
Arizona @ NY Jets
Green Bay @ Tampa Bay
Minnesota @ Tennessee
San Diego @ Oakland
Buffalo @ St Louis
Washington @ Dallas
Philadelphia @ Chicago

Monday Night Football
Baltimore @ Pittsburgh
Combined Final Score:  52

Wish us luck!!!


Anonymous said...

Very scientific method! I'm looking forward to Amy going down to a pair of six-year-olds.

EatPlayLove said...

am I the only person that isn't participating in this. I think I am.

Maura said...

That's not fear...

If you win you could probably make a fortune off those two. Not that you're going to win, 'cause you're not, but I'm just saying...

heartatpreschool said...

I just want to know, did Lolly and Frostine agree on all their picks?