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Friday, October 10, 2008

1st and 10, Do It Again!


It's time once again for my Blogger Football League picks.  I've had help from Lolly and Frostine (that didn't work out so well).  Last week Gloppy made a go at it (I came so close to winning!).  This week Mr. Mint is helping me out.  I have a feeling that winners badge is headed my way.  Don't get too comfy with it AmyInOhio.

Baltimore @ Indianapolis
Miami @ Houston
Chicago @ Atlanta
Detroit @ Minnesota
Oakland @ New Orleans
Cincinnati @ NY Jets
Carolina @ Tampa Bay
St. Louis @ Washington
Jacksonville @ Denver
Dallas @ Arizona
Philadephia @ San Francisco
Green Bay @ Seattle
New England @ San Diego

Monday night game:
NY Giants @ Cleveland
Total points: 56

Pop on over to Insta-Mom's place to check out the competition.


Amy in Ohio said...

You've officially been spread-sheeted.


Maura said...

Does anyone else if we should have someone with such naked MVP ambition doing this spread-sheeting?!?

You and Mr. Mint are SO going down this week. Just like the Bruins.