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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Sixth Photo in the Sixth Album

I was tagged by my friend PsychMamma for a fun photo meme.   The rules are to choose the sixth photo from your sixth album and post it along with a description or the story behind it.    Here's what I came up with:

It was taken in August of 2006.   We were on vacation in Tahoe with my sister and her family.  That's our cousin Seesa, Lolly and Frostine having a snack on the beach.  I'm not sure if they are pointing at the bird or something else.   Lolly and Frostine were 4 years old and Seesa was almost three years old.   I hope the three of them have a lifetime's worth of memories from all these family vacations together.

That was our last summer vacation in Tahoe before we started going to Bass Lake instead.  Tahoe is great, but the water is freezing.  While the beaches are scenic, they are not so great for spending the whole day there building sand castles and swimming.  We would rent a boat for one or two days, but it was so cold and windy out on the lake that no one had that much fun.  You had to wear a wet suit if you wanted to water ski, too much work in my opinion.   

At Bass Lake we spend everyday out on the boat or swimming off our dock.  We also like feeling like we are somewhere less populated than the Bay Area.  It feels more like a traditional lake vacation.  

Here are the six people I'm tagging.  Leave a comment with a link if you decide to play along.

OK, I broke meme protocol and tagged eight people.  I'm a rebel.


Maura said...

Cute photo!

Okay, I feel pretty stupid, but what does sixth album mean? I don't really have any actual albums, so I'm a little at a loss. I have a bunch of CDs with photos, shall I just take the sixth one of those? Looking for your guidance, O Meme Tagger!

Mama Ginger Tree said...

My computer sorts my photos by date. Each day is an album. So I just went back to the sixth one from when I started storing photos on this computer.

Does that make any sense?

Pick one of your CDs and choose the sixth photo. :-)

anymommy said...

Adorable. I just saw this meme on Psychmamma's site and I think it's a great idea!

Carrie said...

thank you. this is just the kick in the pants I needed. I have not been blogging or reading blogs and need to break my funk!


Sophie, Inzaburbs said...

Wow! You tagged me for a meme. I think I will start stalking you now ;-)

Maura said...

I did it! I know you already know that since you commented, but I decided to follow the rules :)

flutter said...

Oh that little picture is really really cute. So much better than babies in flower pots

heartatpreschool said...

Assignments, assignments... I need to get to blogging!

I love that picture of the three cousins - love it!

Anonymous said...

A little behind on my blog reading and just saw that you tagged me. Too much fun...will have to get on this ASAP.

heartatpreschool said...

I just did my photo meme post - check it!


Your sis