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Friday, October 17, 2008

BFL Picks

So no big surprise here... my picks last week did not bring the winner badge to my site.  So here we go again, I have to get lucky at some point.  Right?

This week Lolly picked for me.  She really knows her stuff for a six year old.  I'm not going to trash talk the competition, since that doesn't seem to get me anywhere.  So good luck to my competitors.  May the best six year old win.

San Diego @ Buffalo
New Orleans @ Carolina
Minnesota @ Chicago 
Pittsburgh @ Cincinatti
Tennessee @ Kansas City
Baltimore @ Miami
San Francisco @ NY Giants
Dallas @ St. Louis
Detroit @ Houston
Indianapolis @ Green Bay
NY Jets @ Oakland
Cleveland @ Washington
Seattle @ Tampa Bay

Denver @ New England
Total score: 56

You can check out the other players here.

1 comment:

Maura said...

Way to make me feel like a heel if I beat a six year old, MGT. Thanks. Sheesh.

But since you're not going to talk any smack, guess I'll just have to wish you luck. Sheesh.