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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gloppy the Chocolate Monster is Ready for Some Football


As you may recall I have a new football picking strategy.  Lolly and Frostine made some good picks last week and I came close to winning.  But alas, the title went to my friend Mo.  Whatever.  

I have a feeling this might be our week.  Since my girls picked last week, this time it's Gloppy's turn.  He may have been coached by his dad.  

Without further ado... here are my brilliant son's picks for the week in bold.

Buffalo @ Arizona
Tennessee @ Baltimore
Kansas City @ Carolina
Indianapolis @ Houston
San Diego @ Miami
Chicago @ Detroit
Atlanta @ Green Bay
Seattle @ NY Giants
Washington @ Philadelphia
Tampa Bay @ Denver
Cincinnati @ Dallas
New England @ San Francisco
Pittsburgh @ Jacksonville

Monday Night Football
Minnesota @ New Orleans
Combined Score: 51

Hop on over to Insta-Mom's place to check out the competition.  Bring in on beey-otches.

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