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Friday, October 24, 2008

I Won Something

Well, actually Lolly won this for me.

It's called the "Loser Badge."  Last week my darling Lolly made my BFL picks for me.  Remember that?  Yeah, she didn't do so well, bless her heart.  When she asked me if her teams won I answered, "well a couple of them did."  And that was not a lie.  She only got two out of about fourteen picks right.  It's OK, I still adore her and she was thrilled that she won the badge above for me.  Leave it to Lolly to find a silver lining.  

I sure as heck am not going to let her pick this week.  I decided to give it a go myself this time.  It may prove to be just as disastrous, time will tell.  Here are MY picks.

Oakland @ Baltimore
Arizona @ Carolina
Tampa Bay @ Dallas
Washington @ Detroit
Buffalo @ Miami
St. Louis @ New England
San Diego @ New Orleans
Kansas City @ NY Jets
Atlanta @ Philadelphia
Cleveland @ Jacksonville
Cincinnati @ Houston
NY Giants @ Pittsburgh
Seattle @ San Francisco

Indianapolis @ Tennessee
Total score: 49

Now get yourself over here and check out the competition.  


EatPlayLove said...

Is Lolly available to join me at the race track next weekend? LOL! Congrats!

Maura said...

I guess you know now that your picking ability rocks, since there's some NEW bling we'll be seeing here next week...! ;-) (YAY!)