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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blogger Football: It's Not a Sport, It's a Religion

I have one kid at my in-law's house and the other two are upstairs destroying the play room with a play date.  So I have just enough time to get my picks in before tonight's game.  I didn't win last week.  I think I was a liiiiiitle too over confident.  

So I'll get straight to the point and throw down some picks for the week:

Denver @ Cleveland
New Orleans @ Atlanta
Tennessee @ Chicago
Jacksonville @ Detroit
Baltimore @ Houston
Seattle @ Miami
Green Bay @ Minnesota
Buffalo @ New England
St. Louis @ NY Jets
Carolina @ Oakland
Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh
Kansas City @ San Diego
NY Giants @ Philadelphia

Monday Night Football
San Francisco @ Arizona
Total score: 49

Say it with me people...  Yes I Can!  Now click on over to Insta-Mom's site and check out the competition. 

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