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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Healthy Competition?

There is always some kind of competition going on my house.  Who got the cup with the most juice.  Who has the best spot in the bed when the entire family piles into my bed in the morning.  Who's turn is it to get out of the bathtub first.  Who finished their homework first.  Who has the most stuffed animals.  Who does mom spend the most time with.   You get the point.

People often ask me which one of my twins is older.  A few people know the answer to that, but my usual answer is neither, they were born at the same time.  I don't really want them to know which one is older.  I kind of like not having an oldest and a middle child.  Gloppy will always be my baby, there's no escaping that, but I don't want to give one of the girls the "I'm older" card.  I'm conducting my own little birth order experiment.  What will happen if neither of them gets to be the oldest?  Besides, whenever anyone tries to guess which is older nine times out of ten they get it wrong.  I figure when they turn sixteen and I am forced to show them their birth certificates in order to get their driver's license they'll find out they are only one minute apart and the competition will turn up a notch.   

My neighbor who has one child always tells me a little competition is good for them.   My children know how to get under each other's skin and are always trying to one up each other.  And in the process they drive me a little bananas.  But then after I tell them they are driving me bananas they all turn to me and say in unison, "you're driving us strawberries!"  Then we all have a good laugh and we love each other again.


In the spirit of competition, I will now give you my Blogger Football picks for the week.  No trash talk, just my picks.  Game on.

NY Jets @ New England
Denver @ Atlanta
Detroit @ Carolina
Minnesota @ Tampa Bay
Baltimore @ NY Giants
Oakland @ Miami
New Orleans @ Kansas City
Philadelphia @ Cincinnati
Chicago @ Green Bay
Houston @ Indianapolis
St. Louis @ San Francisco
Arizona @ Seattle
Tennessee @ Jacksonville
San Diego @ Pittsburgh 
Dallas @ Washington

Monday Night Game: Cleveland @ Buffalo
Total score: 49

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anymommy said...

I love your driving us strawberries! I'll be using that often in the future.

Anonymous said...

Uggh. Competition. One reason I am glad I have boy-girl-boy. It makes it a little more difficult for each one to compare him/herself against the others.
But still! The wailing! The shouting! The hurt feelings!

I too will be using the strawberry line. A lot.

Melissa said...

It's the same way here. And it's magnified by the fact that my guys are just two years apart. There are days, and this is one of them, that I just want to scream.

Madge said...

sometimes the competition gets crazy at our house, other times they are perfectly happy together...

emily said...

oh my goodness . . . i'm telling you i always feel like i'm reading about my household when i read your blog!!! with 5, 3, and 2 yr olds . . . all girls . . . you can imagine the amount of competion in our household right now! especially with a new baby!!!

oh and i see you picked the saints this week!!! lets hope they pull out for you . . . . and for us too!

Anonymous said...

Your idea about the twins not knowing who is older or younger is so interesting. Especially since I, too, have an absurdly competitive household.