Mama Ginger Tree doesn't live here anymore.  I have moved to The Norwindians.  The names have changed, but we're the same family.  Please add The Norwindians to your reader!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I've posted today's Sunday's Simple Pleasure over here today.  Go check it out.

I still can't decide whether to switch my blog persona to my other blog, stay here for a while longer or what the heck I want to do.  I am usually a very good decision maker.  I weigh my options, and mostly just go with my gut and don't look back.  I get highly annoyed at when my sister hems and haws and talks all the options to death with everyone she knows before she decides whether to buy cupcakes or a sheet cake for her daughters birthday party.   Indecision drives me bananas and strawberries and oranges.  

But I cannot make a commitment on this one.  I am happy here in The Candy Cane Forest, but I also love The Norwindians.  Now that I have things all fancy over there, it just feels like something I could love with long after my family is past the Candyland, lollipops and gumdrops phase of life.  Is it better to just switch now if I am going to do it eventually?  Am I giving up all my readers by switching?  Am I going to want to start a whole new blog six months from now?  What is wrong with me?

Can someone please just tell me what the heck to do?  Can you call in your decision making crew please?  Help!


Kate Coveny Hood said...

Make the move. People will follow you there. I love the Norwindians. OR you could have two blogs for different purposes? That would be too much for me - but I know some people do it. I vote for the Norwindians.

Anonymous said...

If you had asked me the first time I checked out the Norwindians, I would have said stick with the original. But I HATE change.

My second look at the Norwindians with that picture of your cozy bed makes your other blog old news.

The next time you blog on the new site, I will be Norwidians all the way.

This is also how I treat men, btw.

Anonymous said...

Make the move before you get *even more* regular followers. The new look is great, now is the time to do it.
I just went over and followed The Norwindians! First! First! First!

Anonymous said...

Dude. Your comment on my last post totally threw me because I was all "WHA?! MamaGingerTree has a secret blog?!" I thought you accidentally typed in the wrong blog address. But then I came here and it's not a secret, I'm just behind the times. And I'm a little disappointed.

Having said that, I have no advice for you. As someone who as 1,335 websites, I'm probably not one to offer advice.

anymommy said...

Ahhhh, change!! I can handle it. Going over to visit and make the switch now.

Kari said...

Hey! Give me some credit here! That may have been true last year, but not anymore. I decided on cupcakes all on my own. Sheetcake was never even an option.

EatPlayLove said...

How exciting. I have to admit, I always imagine you all sweet with a house brimming full of delightful candy. I'll adjust to the Norwindians!

bernthis said...

kirsten, I will follow you whereever you go.

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