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Monday, March 31, 2008

Losing My Marbles

My kids have marble jars.  If they do something good such as share their last jelly bean with their sibling, use good manners or help set the table, they get to put a marble in their jar.   If they do something naughty like steal their siblings jelly bean, hit someone or interrupt my nightly cocktail (just kidding... sort of) they get a marble taken out of the jar.  When they get ten marbles they get some kind of little trinket or a trip to the ice cream shop.  

 Tonight Lolly and Frostine came up with the idea that Mr. Mint and I should have marble jars as well.   It all started because they set up an elaborate "restaurant" in our living room and they were worried that I would clean it all up after they went to bed.  They started coming up with all kinds of scenarios where Mr. Mint or I would lose a marble from our jars.   My personal favorite... "so if daddy yells at you about dollars, he could lose a marble."

Not to self: don't let Mr. Mint open the mail in front of the kids.

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