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Monday, March 10, 2008

The Music In Me

It was like a scene out of a commercial.  After the drama of getting there, the kindergarten musical couldn't have been more Norman Rockwell.  The audience was packed full of parents, and grandparents with video cameras rolling.  The stage was decorated in bright circus colors with a retro clown, lion and juggler for accents.  The kindergarteners were dressed and ready for their moment in the spotlight.   

"Circus, Circus" was the story of a circus whose ringmaster gets laryngitis and the job is then given to a "sad clown" who comes out of her shell once given the chance to shine.   The music was fabulous.  The cuteness factor was off the charts.  

Princess Lolly's line was, "I think we can make your day, I think we can make you smile.  Why don't you be the ringmaster, try that for a little while."  She mumbled something, put the microphone down and did her nervous laugh.  After her (amazing) music teacher gave her a hint, she picked up the microphone and nailed it.  

Way to go my sweet little Lolly.   You make my heart sing.

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