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Monday, April 14, 2008

I Swear It's True

I have a DVD player in my mini-van.   We only use it for long road trips, or if I want to keep the kids from falling asleep in the car.  Today I let Gloppy watch the Backyardigans while we were out running errands.   Sometimes it's the only way I can get the boy to stop talking to me, and I needed to make a phone call.  Seriously, the kid talks non stop, especially in the car.

In the episode he was watching, the Backyardigan gang were cowboys in the wild west and the musical theme was rap.   His favorite song in this particular episode is "Ridin' the Range."  When it started, he excitedly yelled, "Mama!  It's Ridin' the Ho!"  

I was speechless.

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