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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Adventures in Errands

Mr. Mint can't understand why I spend so much time at Target.   What he doesn't understand is that when you give birth at the hospital, on the first night when you are exhausted and jacked up on pain killers, a Target Team Member in a red shirt sneaks into your room and tells you that if you don't visit a Target store at least twice a month, they will come and take your children and report you to CPS.   It's true, ask any mom you know.  They also give you a map to the three Target stores closest to your house.

I used to make a Target run once a week.  But now that no one in my house wears diapers any more, I can get away with every other week or so.  I mean who doesn't love a store where you can buy a new purse, baby shampoo, new underwear for the whole family and a case of Diet Pepsi all in one place.  It's a great place to catch up with other mom's too.  I always run into at least one other mom that I know from the neighborhood or school.  As if that isn't fabulous enough, my Target has a Starbucks inside.  

After we dropped Lolly and Frostine off at school today I asked Gloppy if he wanted to go to the park.  He said he wanted to go to Target.  Gloppy is only slightly less obsessed with Target than I am.  We have a little routine.  We get our cart and stop in Starbucks for an unsweetened Venti Passion Ice Tea (for me) and a chocolate milk (for him).  Armed with our beverages of choice, we stroll the aisles checking things off our list and picking up a few extra things we can't live without.  

Gloppy spotted this hat and almost peed his pants with excitement.

He wore it all day long.  

When we pulled into the driveway, Gloppy said, "that was fun adventure mommy."  Indeed it was my little Target teammate. 

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Jolly the sister said...

That is perfect. Just perfect.